The Early Years


David founded Bush Mechanics after a lifetime of experience working with vehicles in all conditions all over the world.


He was initially introduced to the world of mechanics in his dad’s workshop when after school and in the holidays he would tinker, learn and discover the variety of cars under the watchful eye of his dad saying “If you break it you’ll have to fix it “. He found any excuse to jump in a vehicle or take it apart to see how it worked and that still continues to this day.


Throughout David’s lifetime, he constantly strived to learn and over 10 years in the forces equipped him with the knowledge and hands on experience of anything from a fixing and off road driving a Land Rover to a bull dozer. He then moved on to qualifying as an instructor with Land Rover. All of which extended his mechanical, technical, electrical and expedition skills to their utmost. Undertaking expeditions as the Expedition Mechanic and working with companies and vehicles such as Land Rover, Toyota, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Ford and many more, gave David the hands on experience of other brands, mechanical principles and technologies. This created training opportunities to work with large and small organisations including the Environment Agency, where he has instructed staff on adventure / overland mechanics and all terrain driving techniques.


Motorcycling is also a passion for David which began with a trip from John O Groats to Land’s End on a Honda C90. As with most good adventures the idea began over a beer in the pub. The group of three set out and David’s motorcycle mechanics was put to the test repairing an oil seal at the side of the road in Glencoe with a cornflake packet from a local hotel and rebuilding the ignition switch with a domestic light switch from a local DIY shop. They survived and lived to tell the tale. Now he’s seen out and about on his on his Africa Twin which replaced his TTR 250. The adventure continues.




Our Philosophy

David’s passion for Bush Mechanics, his training philosophy and his love of camp craft has taken him all over the world meeting fantastic people along the way.


We really do hope that we can share our knowledge with you to help you on your way to your adventure.